Wacky Quote of the Day – Or, Ag-gag quote will make you gag

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The effort to hide animal abuser from the public view continues this week in Arkansas, where two bills are being reviewed that would shut down any investigations of animal cruelty, other than those conducted by specifically law enforcement officials.

Of course, the underlying effort is to shut down any cruelty investigations. The supporters of ag-gag laws know law enforcement has its hands full with all sorts of crime. And most importantly in this case, the abusers know that unless the crime is uncovered, it won’t be investigated at all.

But get this, KAIT8.com reports supporters of one of the bills claim the purpose is to provide –

… “legal protection to animal owners and their animals; to ensure that only law enforcement agencies investigate charges of animal cruelty.”

Protection of “their animals” -? Really? What kind of twisted non-logic is that? Ensuring that animals can be abused behind an iron curtain is somehow protecting them?

Claim privacy or use some other argument for hiding these acts. But don’t claim ag-gag laws protect animals. That claim is beyond silly. It’s the AG-GAG Gag Us quote of the day.


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