Opponents of puppy mill bills say the craziest things

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Try as I might to avoid commenting on another person’s competence, sometimes I just … can’t … seem … to …. avoid …. it.

As previously noted, a puppy mill bill is working its way through the North Carolina General Assembly. The provisions are very basic and include standards of care that everyone should provide for ALL pets.

The debate in the NC House took a disturbing route last week when Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Craven) tried to claim the requirements in the bill were too ambiguous:

“‘Exercise on a daily basis’ – if I kick him across the floor, is that considered daily exercise?” said Speciale. “’Euthanasia performed humanely’– so should I choose the axe or the baseball bat?”

Thankfully, Rep. Bob Steinburg (R-Chowan) responded by rightfully depicting Speciale’s take as “disgusting” and “disrespectful.”

WRAL reports he tried to defend – if you can call it that – his comments. If not for his defense, we might consider he was merely making a point that the provisions are not strong enough. But Speciale’s intentions seem more on the side of blocking protections for dogs housed in puppy mills.


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