Nevada breeder back in the news after being cited multiple times this year

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The punishment for acts of animal cruelty and running puppy mills must be increased, nationwide. This latest case reported by KTNV only adds to the long history of abusers ignoring and brushing aside the weak sentences they are given.

A breeder in Amargosa Valley, NV has been cited on three occasions since May 29, for a number of violations ranging from not having a kennel or breeding permit to the dog not having rabies vaccinations to 20 counts of animal cruelty. And the same breeder was convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty in 2011.

KTNV reports officers were recently back on the site and found dogs with severely matted fur – with no shelter from the hot Nevada sun and green algae in their water.

The article reports one local store has been selling puppies from the breeder and a family purchased a Yorkie there that cost $2,200. And therein lies the problem. Some people are still buying puppies from stores and online – too often for huge amounts of money.

These people do not realize that they can go to a local shelter or rescue group and find GREAT dogs and cats. They are unaware that they are often supporting puppy mills. They are being scammed into believing they have to buy a puppy. It is 2013, with factual information at their fingertips – and yet these people are still uneducated on this issue.

The dogs and cats from the shelters and rescue groups are more than equal on every level to any sold by breeders. I’m  not even slamming the best breeders. It is just a point of fact. Rescued dogs and cats are the greatest. It’s just a matter of consulting with the shelter staff or rescue volunteers to get matched up with the right pet.


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