Columnist needs to engage in a bit more research on dog fighting

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The Pack News Wire today pulled in a column by a writer with the Yorkton News out of Saskatchewan. The headline of his column was – “Think about the information you spread around.”

He suggested people spreading rumors that dog-fighting operations were stealing pets to use in dog fights just had it all wrong. He couldn’t believe that anyone would do this, because pet dogs would make terrible fighting dogs. So his point was – people shouldn’t be spreading these rumors about things they know little about.

I really don’t like to take on other writers, but I couldn’t let this one pass.

The fact is, dog-fighting operations do steal pets, to use as bait dogs, in an attempt to make their dogs more aggressive. The writer’s overall theme is correct. Blank rumors should not be spread around. But he fell into his own trap by spreading the false rumor that fighting operations don’t steal dogs.


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