King Amendment to Farm Bill is another attempt by King to protect abusers

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Iowa Congressman Steve King is well known for his efforts to protect those who abuse animals. He could very well be the No. 1 anti-animal and pro-cruelty elected representative in the nation.

Of late, King has been ramping up his efforts to protect animal abusers. His latest move is the King Amendment. If this horrible piece of legislation becomes law, it could wipe off the books a number of state laws that protect animals. We don’t have enough in the way of protections for animals and King wants to gut what few protections they have.

In this case, King doesn’t want regulations on factory farms, where they’ll need to actually house their animals in any sort of humane way. If a state wants to ban battery cages for hens or gestation crates for pigs or to ban the act of force feeding ducks – King wants to overturn these bans, as part of what he laughably calls the Protect Interstate Commerce Act.

For King and his supporters, treating animals humanely is just too much trouble for factory farms. And recall that King doesn’t want dog-fighting operations to be troubled by more laws that mean more jail time.

How any Republican or Democrat could defend voting for this man is beyond all reason.


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