Greyhound racing news of the month – without the outright ban we need to see

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A lot of news has been swirling around this month on the topic of greyhound racing. The gambling profits continue fall, in direct correlation with the rise in awareness about the suffering of the greyhounds. But the industry continues to block efforts to shut it down for good.

On Tuesday, the Charleston Daily Mail ran an article reporting the West Virginia Racing Commission is looking into adding an an animal-cruelty policy. Of course, the first question becomes: It’s 2013 and you never had an animal-cruelty policy?

And the logical solution is to completely shut down greyhound racing. That’s an animal-cruelty policy the dogs would love.

The article reviewed a case where a dog suffered a broken leg and was not offered veterinary care:

In the report, Bloom says Grace told him to let the dog heal on its own. The leg “looked broken, she was wobbly, she’d try (to stand) but she couldn’t,” Bloom said in the report. Grace also said he knew the leg could have been broken but said he’d seen dogs’ legs heal without going to a vet.

Amazing. They decided the leg was going to heal on its own. This is why we see so many rescued racing dogs with bent rear legs. It seems at least some people in the industry think veterinary care is unnecessary.

A racing greyhound in Northern Ireland was found recently – emaciated and bleeding – along a roadside, with his ears cut off. The act was obviously meant to block anyone from being able to trace his ear tattoos.

In another news report from Tuesday, WTAE reported on another case of abuse, caught on video.

The West Virginia Racing Commission determined the incidents amounted to abuse and pulled Bever’s license to work with the dogs.

But the article also quoted Sam Burdette of the West Virginia Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association:

“You’re showing the dog what you want the dog to do and that’s the way you handle dogs and the only way you can handle dogs.”

Clearly, this man does not really understand dogs.
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