Time to ban shelter gas chambers nationwide

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Gas chambers are true chambers of horror for shelter animals. The group Take Action is working to end the horrible practice. It has produced the map below to show where gas chambers are in use or have been banned or are at least are not being used at this time.

They have a Causes page and a page on Facebook.

Sadly, a few shelters in my own home state – North Carolina – are still using chambers. It’s time for those operating these facilities to awaken to the fact that animals are self-aware and can suffer both physically and emotionally.

There is no doubt whatsoever that animals suffer in gas chambers. It’s 2013. Ban them NOW.



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6 thoughts on “Time to ban shelter gas chambers nationwide

  1. Arkansas does NOT use gas chambers and defines “euthanasia” very clearly in our law.

  2. I wish NC would follow Arkansas’ lead on gas chambers. At last report, only a few shelters where using chambers in NC.
    Thankfully, none in my region of the state.

  3. I am very happy that where I live those horrible boxes are outlawed. I can’t understand with the knowledge we all have on how sick & painful it is for the animals that are put into them to die. It can take up to 45min. & they start fighting each other to try to get out all the while this gas is burning their eyes, nose, & throat..
    This is BARBARIC & we as humans especially in this day & age should know better & care enough to fight for these poor animals!!! It is bad enough these healthy animals have to be put down because of overcrowding..but they didn’t ask to be born & it should be the responsibility of the selfish money hungry people to make sure they have homes, or spay their pets silo this won’t happen at all!!!

  4. Hi Just to say thank you for helping us at Take Action create awareness & thought I would mention we also have a website takeaction-bananimalgaschambers.com The website is to provide people with the info & ways to use it so we can all fight against this legalized cruelty!

  5. Chrissy,

    Thank you for your group’s efforts in stopping the horrible practice of gas chambers.

  6. I sure wish our lawmakers would get off their thrones & help make SC a non Gas Chamber State, have written to Gov. Haley, senators, congressman, city/county officials….at wits end with these people. at election time, guess non of them will get my vote & will let others know what they have not done. In fact, I don’t know WHAT they have done on anything.

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