Stunned by editorial on greyhound racing

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I happened across an editorial tonight on a website I was previously unfamiliar with – The topic was greyhound racing and I was taken aback by the content.

First, the writer describes greyhound racing as “a sport that involves racing dogs …” – Really? Is that right? She suggests going to dog race is a great activity for the family. – Really? – No. Forcing kids to watch dogs risk injury and death is NOT family fun.

The writer mistakenly suggests that if greyhound racing is done with some concern for animal welfare, it’s okay. I don’t see that happening. But she finally gets it, in stating dog racing is a “dying sport in most of the civilized world.” – Although it is completely inaccurate to categorize greyhound racing as a sport.

It’s 2013. When will the facts and a real concern for animal welfare reach some of these people?



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