Thankfully, fewer and fewer people are betting on greyhound racing

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As the facts reach the masses on greyhound racing, fewer dollars are being waged on races. It’s a great trend that should continue. Hopefully, this will lead casino and track owners to push for the industry’s complete shut-down.

Too many greyhounds have suffered for far too long. While the debate continues, more dogs are bred and are on their way into the industry. It’s time to end this cycle, for good.

The News Herald out of Florida has a new article out, reporting the continued decline in dog-racing revenue in the state. But despite this long-standing, downward trend, the state still has a requirement in place, dictating tracks hold so many races each year.

As I have previously stated, this is an unbelievably bad law. It forces a horrible industry to exist. Who could support that?

Hopefully, more reasonable elected officials will win the day in the next legislative session. And hopefully the decoupling effort from recent sessions will finally pass.

Grey2K USA reports revenue from betting on live greyhound racing in Florida dropped by 5.8 percent last year.
Still, one person quoted in the story compared dog racing to classical music, in that fewer people are listening to it, but it will go on. Dog racing is to classical music what scum on your toilet is to the cleanliness of your bathroom.


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