Injured dog shot and killed at NC animal shelter

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An injured basset hound was recently shot and killed at the Franklin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina.

WRAL quoted Sheriff Jerry Jones as saying, “The animal director decided to shoot the dog at the kennel at the animal shelter instead of waiting for someone to euthanize it medically.”

The report indicates the basset hound was placed in a kennel with a pit bull and two got into a fight. At first, the staff believed the basset’s injuries were not severe. It was reportedly TWO DAYS later when the director shot the dog, when he felt it was in pain.

The individual who placed the basset in with the pit bull has been let go, but the director and the rest of the staff will undergo training.

Nowhere is it reported that anyone considered taking the basset to a veterinarian, over the two-day span. A lack of understanding about animal self-awareness and capacity for suffering is unfortunately still prevalent in our society. This is clear in reading over a number of the comments under the WRAL story.

Some people still feel dogs are only dogs and cats are only cats – and these people can’t comprehend anything more.


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