Sunday Commentary: Running of the Bulls

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Organizers of Saturday’s running-of-the-bulls event in Virginia found 4,000 participants who just don’t give a damn – for animal welfare or their own safety.

While the event is not on the scale of cruelty found within the original event in Spain, it is cruelty nonetheless. Once again, we find some people can’t get through the day without exploiting animals – for entertainment or other goals.

While more troubling information is coming to the forefront of late about greyhound racing and horse racing and the abuses to circus animals and performing horses, we find some people are looking to expand the effort.

And NBC News reports promoters are planning more bull-running events in at least nine other cities across the nation. They just can’t contain themselves. Would the participants consider swimming a 2-mile course in waters filled with great white sharks?

Climbing cliffs and bungee-jumping offer thrills. Why not go there? Why do animals have to be involved? Mountain biking can be fun. How about down-hill moped races on icy terrain?

One person quoted in the NBC News article traveled all the way from New York City. I have a suggestion. Stay home next time and do some research about animal welfare and volunteer your time in this area. Do something constructive. Become a mentor for kids.

There are so many other things to do on weekends – positive things to do in life.


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