Bad news is growing for greyhound racing industry

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Not that I want to pick on the greyhound racing industry, but the news focusing on the many negative aspects of the industry just keeps expanding. And really …. on second thought … I don’t mind picking on dog racing at all. It is much- deserved.

Over in New South Wales, an inquiry by parliament is underway. The Brisbane Times reports the focus of the investigation will be on “allegations of industry mismanagement, inappropriate distribution of TAB funds and widespread mistreatment of dogs in the state’s $50 million-a-year greyhound racing industry.”

The article quotes Greens MP John Kaye as saying, “Animal welfare scandals, shonky management practices and allegations of criminal involvement have caused considerable community concern in recent years.”

Ouch! I think that pretty much c0vers it. And the article’s final paragraph sounds very familiar:

The welfare of the dogs has also been a major concern with reports that more than 3000 dogs are being destroyed each year, and that dogs are underfed, inappropriately confined in small pens and fed performance-enhancing drugs.

Over in the UK, a movement is afoot to save the Wimbledon greyhound stadium. The alternative for the site, being discussed now, is for a housing development and football (soccer) stadium.
Unfortunately, 10,000 people who do not understand how horrible dog racing is have signed a petition to save the track.
But the SW Londoner article seems to suggest the housing and football stadium plan has the upper hand. Let’s hope this take pans out.
Back on this side of the Atlantic, a letter to the editor on the site suggests replacing dog racing with horse racing at the state’s tracks. But why replace one means of suffering for animals with another? It’s a great idea to shut down dog racing and replace it with something else. It’s not a good idea to go with horse racing.
And then we bounce back across the pond for an “article” that gave me that throw-up feeling in the back of my throat. It’s an interview with British greyhound racing insider who wants breeders to get a bigger cut of the racing money.
After all, it cost a lot to breed dogs that end up losing their lives or end up suffering through severe injuries in racing.
She is quoted with the same, tired misinformation we often see out of the industry – “Seeing any animal doing what it is good at, and loves, is special – and for greyhounds that’s running.” – <hack … hack> Look, children love to play. But that doesn’t mean parents should let them play on Interstate highways. It’s a pitiful argument that reasonable people don’t buy into.
One bit of goods from the interview is the fact that the number of racing greyhound litters continue to fall each year. That is fewer dogs who will die in racing.
Typically, bad news for the dog-racing industry spells good news for the long-term health and welfare of greyhounds.
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