Two of our dogs face serious cancers

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Two of our rescue dogs were recently diagnosed with cancers. Chester, a basset hound who is about 12 or 13 years old, has mast cell tumors. Thelma Lou is around 8 years old and has a hemangiosarcoma on her side.

A couple of months ago, Chester had a mass removed from under his armpit. The mast cell tumor had cropped up very quickly. A few weeks later, we found smaller growths forming. It turns out they are more mast cells and the condition has spread to his spleen.

Thelma Lou was in great health, when we began to notice something strange about the area near the end of her rib cage on one side. Later, a test determined it most likely a hemangiosarcoma. The diagnosis was confirmed last week at a specialty hospital in North Carolina.

Sadly, both Chester and Thelma Lou, a terrier-beagle mix, may not be with us much longer. Thelma’s cancer has spread into her lungs.

Because we’ve adopted so many dogs and cats over many, many years – including the adoption of older dogs – this has happened far too often with our family. But having to face the loss of loved ones so frequently does not ease the heartache.


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3 thoughts on “Two of our dogs face serious cancers

  1. That sucks Tom. There’s no good way to express that. Sorry to hear it, enjoy and spoil them while you can!!

  2. No one can say anything to make you feel better.
    They will pass over peacefully and without fear in loving arms.
    How blessed they are.

  3. Terry and John,

    Thank you both for offering your thoughts. Thelma has been resting comfortably this evening. But earlier, we were very concerned.

    Thanks again,


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