UNREAL: After two decades of violations, breeder applies for new license

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How any local or state government could ever even consider this one is beyond all reason or logic. A Pennsylvania dog breeder has applied for a new license to breed, after two decades of animal cruelty violations, as reported by the Philly Dawg blog on Philly.com.

The report indicates the breeder’s veterinarian was even a convicted animal abuser. The breeder repeated abused his dogs and then at one point turned in his license but kept selling puppies.

Incredibly, the Philly Dawg blog reports the director of the Dog Law Enforcement Office was about to grant this breeder another license, but is not reconsidering the move.

Another troubling aspect to the story –

Pechart says he is being pressured by Esh’s lawyer Jeffrey Conrad, of Clymer, Musser & Conrad (founding partner Leonard Brown is now a Lancaster County judge). a self-described defender of individuals charged with animal abuse.
There is a big red flag on this case. It is a no-brainer. The license should be denied, along with the enforcement of a lifetime ban on possessing animals.  When are we going to more examples of more communities and states really cracking down on puppy mills.?
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  1. I wouldn’t let him look after a budgie. evil tosser. should be banned for life. and the vet should be struck off and never ever work with any animals again.

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