Another weak sentence for dog fighting

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Too many courtrooms across the country are handing out very weak punishments for serious crimes – like dog fighting. I am consistently stunned by the light sentences we’re reading about.

A few days back, a dog fighter in Gary, Ind. was given just 18 months of home detention and probation for operating a fighting ring out of his garage. The criminal pleaded guilty last month to promoting or staging an animal fighting contest (Class D felony) and misdemeanor possession of animal fighting paraphernalia, as reported by Opposing Views.

He will pay funds to cover the care of the dogs. But a ban on having “vertebrate animals” as pets only runs through the length of his sentence. So after a year-and-a-half, this dog torturer can obtain more dogs.

It is unbelievable that anyone with a functioning brain and moral compass could support allowing a convicted dog fighter to EVER possess any pets EVER again.


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