Trunking is an evil form of an evil practice

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Dog fighting is horrendous on its basic levels. But some evil people have found a way to make it more horrible. They throw two dogs into a car trunk to fight – often so that the sound will be muffled and therefore less likely to be heard by nearby residents.

If we even needed more evidence that some criminals should never be allowed out of prison, this practice clinches it. People who can torture animals and children are screaming out a message that they are over the edge. They lack empathy to a level that is dangerous to others.

Commissioners in Miami-Dade (Fla.) are discussing a plan to increase the criminal penalties for “trucking.” But the proposal falls far short of what the penalties should be. I don’t get it.

The plan is to double the fine to $2,000. I realize we’re talking about a county fine here. State governments and the federal government should dramatically increase the punishment for dog fighting and similar acts of cruelty. The people who engage in these acts consider the current sentencing nothing more than a slight inconvenience.


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