Pack News Wire (10.2.13): Dog Fighting

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ANOTHER weak sentence for dog fighting

In another example of how dysfunctional our criminal justice system can be, an Alabama man who recently pleaded guilty to dog fighting will serve no jail time. He will ONLY serve 100 hours of community service – working around dogs at a shelter.

And in a completely clueless move on the courts’ part, the man will ONLY be banned from having dogs for two years. In the meantime, the court will put homeless dogs in the shelter at risk.

Something is really wrong with any judge or any sentencing guidelines that allow for this level of weakness in punishment being handed out for violent felons. And there is no doubt that dog fighters are violent felons. What we’ve seen in too many cases puts innocent people and innocent animals at risk.

The top mission of our criminal justice system should be to protect the innocent. Because too many people involved in the system all over the country seem to be lacking in education and in the reality of what is going on, the innocent are at risk.

Couple ran dog fighting ring out of home – where five kids lived

A Pennsylvania couple has been accused of running a dog-fighting operation out of their home, where their five children lived. The woman has pleaded guilty and has agreed to testify against her husband.

NBC Philadelphia reports 16 dogs were found in the home and the kids had witnessed training operations.
Are some people born with a moral compass or do they expel it from their brains over time?

Daily Local reports a photo was discovered showing a dog the couple hung to end its life.

Another dog-fighting arrest

An airman at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla. has been arrested for dog fighting. He has been quickly discharged from the military.


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