Arizona Department of Racing wants ban lifted on steroid use in dog racing

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The City of South Tucson rightfully banned the improper use of steroids in racing greyhounds five years ago. And Tucson later joined in after it was found that dogs were transported just beyond the South Tucson limits for injection.

But the Arizona Department of Racing recently sent a request to South Tucson, asking for a lift on the steroid ban for racing dogs. The letter suggests the “law interferes with its power and authority to regulate the industry and the property on which the races are conducted…”

Translation: The ADR wants to allow the improper use of steroids and doesn’t want anyone else trying to protect dogs from harm.

Clearly, steroids should only be prescribed by veterinarians, for medical conditions. The racing industry there in Arizona claims the use of the drug (PED – wink) is for birth control (wink,wink). How about separating the females from the males. Or how about ending the abuse and shut down dog racing forever.

The Arizona Daily Star published an editorial Wednesday rightfully supporting the ban on steroids for racing dogs and the other provisions in the local ordinance, which “prohibits the use of 4-D meat, the standard racing industry feed that gets its name from the dead, dying, disabled or diseased animals it’s made from.”

The editorial also reports on the health risks of long-term steroid use – including liver damage, genital infections and death.

And Karyn Zoldan has the issued covered in her Tucson Tails blog.


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