So that’s the problem with those who oppose breeding regulations

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Every time I read a comment from someone who states there are no definitions for a puppy mill, I respond with the definition. But of course, those who oppose breeding regulations continue to make this false claim.

But it hit me this morning as I read through some alerts on the Pack News Wire. These people just don’t know what a puppy mill is. That’s the problem. It’s people who don’t understand what it means for an animal to suffer.

I’m sure for some of them, it’s a matter of pure propaganda. But for so many of them, it’s a complete lack of knowledge in this area. They don’t understand that dogs and cats and other animals possess a state of consciousness and therefore can suffer both emotionally and physically.

Sadly, for some people, animals are nothing more than property, with no more capacity to experience emotion than a washing machine.

So there it is. For some of those opposed to important breeding regulations that can protect dogs and cats from suffering, it is matter of protecting the profit margin. But for others, it comes from a lack of understanding and awareness of the level of emotion animals can experience.

For either source of the position, the outcome is horrible for breeding animals. They really don’t know what a puppy mill is. In 2013, with all of the information available on various web-enabled devices and with the advancements and findings in scientific research, it is sad to consider that some people still don’t get it.

So here it is: A puppy mill forces the parent dogs to live 24/7 (or nearly) in small cages, with very little or no time for exercise or play. The dogs are offered no veterinary care to speak of and often live in unsanitary conditions. The moms are bred too often. And overall, profit takes precedent over health.

2 thoughts on “So that’s the problem with those who oppose breeding regulations

  1. You are too kind Tom.

    The ‘No such thing as a puppy-mill’ slogan originated in the roiling demonic furnaces of Humanewatch—Rick Berman’s personal abattoir of greed, blood-lust propaganda and monumental silliness.

    That is ALL anyone needs to know about whomever says it.

  2. Terry,

    It is amazing where some people will go in the name of greed. I hope we’re turning the tide, as more people understand what it means to adopt a homeless pet.

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