A little bit better sentence for dog fighting – but still far too short

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I was a bit surprised by the number of years in the sentence handed down this week for man found guilty of running a dog-fighting operation in Chester County, Pa. He was given 7-and-a-half to 15 years in state prison.

That’s more than abusers typically receive for this terrible crime, but it is still far short of what he should have received. 6ABC.com reports the couple involved “treated their children like dogs and treated their dogs like no living creature should ever be treated.”

So how is it that someone engaged in cruel acts against kids and dogs and receive only 15 years – tops. And sadly, he will be released years before even the seven years are served, because some parole board will claim it’s too tough for him in a crowded prison.

Yet that same parole board will fail to note how horrible it was for the kids and dogs. The article explains:

Some were electrocuted, some were hanged and some were shot. One was left on the side of the road and burned to death in his cage.

And –

Police also found five malnourished children in the house, ages 3 to 15, who had been living in squalor.

It’s worth a life sentence – and no less. It is not safe for innocent people and for society as a whole to have someone like this ever freely walking the streets. How is it that our criminal justice system and our legislative bodies can’t seem to understand this? How is it that they refuse to protect the innocent?


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2 thoughts on “A little bit better sentence for dog fighting – but still far too short

  1. I’ve been reading so many situations lately that are mostly the same story. Man seems to love to torture, rape, burn, cut, skin, starve to death to get their sick highs. It is getting worse and worse and absolutely no responsibility for their actions. The devil is on earth. Fight hard against what is going on, WeAreTheir Only Voices !

  2. Donna,

    Thank you for adding your thoughts. So true. The stories we’re seeing of late are beyond belief.

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