Finally, a longer ban on possessing animals in a criminal case – but …

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I finally found a story where someone convicted of animal cruelty received an extended ban on possessing animals. I wish lifetime bans were a regular part of the sentencing, but we’re just not seeing this, except in rare cases.

The only thing about this latest case, where a 20-year ban was imposed, is it in Australia. So the US legal system is this far behind Australia? It should not be.

The Kiama Independent reports the guilty party has been “banned from owning, purchasing, acquiring or caring for any animal for 20 years.”

As reported in the story –

The dog was also in an emaciated body condition, with hair loss and around its rump and thickened skin around its tail and rear legs.

So a single dog was found in this condition and the 20-year ban was imposed. Sure, prison time should have been imposed. But we’ve seen so many cases in the US where the abuse was worse, especially in puppy mills – yet the penalty was much less severe.

I don’t get it.


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