Judge extends restraining order on opening of NM horse slaughter plant

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We can only hope a judge’s extension of a restraining order, against the opening of a horse slaughter plant in New Mexico, will lead to a permanent ban on operations such as this.

On Friday, State District Judge Matthew Wilson put the opening on hold for 10 more days, so that testimony can be heard. TribTown.com reports New Mexico Attorney General Gary King is thankfully in a lead role in the effort to stop the plant from opening at all.

The effort to block the plant is largely based on food safety. It is true that little will be known about what might have been injected into the horses, prior to being sold to slaughter. This might be the case for race horses.

But the primary issue is and should be the horrible means used to kill the horses, such as captive bolts. Shutting down horse slaughter in the US several years back was the right and humane thing to do and it’s still the right and humane thing to do.

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