Another buyer of a pet-store puppy (hopefully) learns a lesson

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Sadly, even in the information age we live in, some folks are still uninformed when it comes to important issues such as animal welfare.

Over and over again, we’re reading stories about people who purchased a puppy from a store, only to either have the dog die soon after or suffer through a health crisis. And the family racks up extensive veterinary bills along the way.

Can we get this message out to the masses? – Adoption is always the best option. And if you insist on buying, but don’t get to visit the breeder, run the other way.

It’s has happened again. In Sun City, Ariz., a woman purchased a puppy for more than $2,000 (yes – more than $2,000). The dog is sick and the family is worried he will not live.

The news outlet 3 On Your Side investigated where the puppy was bred and “found the breeder where Maximus reportedly came from had its dog license canceled last February. The breeder also had numerous violations over the past few years.”

But as is the case in so many cases like this, the store rep is claiming they don’t deal with puppy mills. It’s a broken – very broken – record.

But it should be noted that the buyers are not primary victims. The puppies and the parent dogs are the real victims.

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