Dubuque Chamber of Commerce backs an end to greyhound racing in Iowa

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The Dubuque Chamber of Commerce is supporting legislation in Iowa that could lead to an end greyhound racing in the state. Specifically, the organization want to see that the Mystique Casino is allowed to have slot machines and table games, while not being required to hold dog races at Dubuque Greyhound Park.

It’s great to see the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce take this stand, to see greyhound racing come to an end in the state.

Bluffs Run in Council Bluffs is the only other dog track in the state. We can only hope the legislation will lead to end to racing there as well.

The DesMoines Register article from Jan. 7 notes information reported by the Telegraph-Herald: To subsidize dog racing in the state, over $55 million has been has diverted from “charitable organizations and the city’s capital projects fund over the past three decades.”

Some politicians in the state are supporting an end to racing, but the DesMoines Register reports Pat Murphy (D-Dubuque) isn’t one of them. It seems Murphy is worried about the jobs (okay, I get – but just help them find other jobs) and he is worried about the greyhound breeders. That last worry is misguided, as the breeders are feeding an industry that has a history abusing dogs.

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  1. Yeah it’s so interesting that pro racing people say that racing is doing better than ever, and that attendance at races is way up. They must be smoking something good!

  2. In every photo at a track I’ve seen of late, there aren’t enough bodies in the stands to make up a basketball team.

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