Here’s the thing about the Dallas Safari Club auction

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The Dallas Safari Club is thankfully catching a lot of heat for auctioning off a permit to kill an African Black Rhino. The wild claim is that the auction is planned to help the conservation effort for rhinos.

If the Dallas Safari Club really cared about the rhinos, the club would hold an auction, call off the hunt and donate the money raised.

But in reality, it’s all about killing a rhino. The award here is for the winner to be able to go to parties and tell the story of how they killed an endangered species. You can bet photos of the hunter and hunted will be splashed around hunting social media.

Only about 5,000 black rhinos exist on the planet. They are critically endangered. But Ben Carter of the Dallas Safari Club claims it’s good for the species to kill older members of the herd, who he says, “are not contributing to the population anymore.”

This shows a complete lack of understanding of animals – on humane and scientific levels.

I have a suggestion. Why not offer huge reward for the capture of wildlife poachers in Africa. Then the hunters can really say they did something great.

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