Dissecting another greyhound racing article

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The Council Bluffs, Iowa city council has voted to all but end greyhound racing at the track located there. It’s great news for the dogs.

An article posted Tuesday on the KPTM.com news site reviewed the latest news on the topic. There are several interesting tidbits in the piece.

Attendance at the dog tracks is down to being nearly non–existent.

Interesting, since the pro-racing crowd keeps claiming attendance is fine in greyhound racing across the board. The track seating has a capacity of 3,000, but the article notes there are typically around 30 people on hand to place bets on any given night. That’s a lot of cold seats.

And then there’s the claim that the attendance is down because the facility doesn’t promote the races. The same old, tired excuses. The reality – of course – is that few people can stomach the horrors of greyhound racing any more and this comes as a result of increased awareness in the general public.

Now, the casino operators and the city agree that dog racing needs to shut down – finally.

The article also reports the Dubuque city council, where the only other Iowa greyhound race track exists, has approved a measure similar to the one in Council Bluffs. Great news!

The dogs suffer in racing, injuries are severe and many never leave racing alive. And the industry is loosing money faster than the 100 worst poker players in America. What more do people need to know? What more do elected officials in Florida need to know?

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