Editorial in support of greyhound racing goes off the rails

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A recent, fantastic blog post by fellow greyhound supporter Ironicus Maximus, exposed the off-the-chart comments by a supporter of greyhound racing.

The editorial referenced by Ironicus appeared Thursday on the all-propaganda, all-the-time website – Grey2K Lies. It was written by Amy Cochran, who claims to have been anti-racing before learning more about dog racing and becoming an advocate of the industry.

There are three possibilities here:  Either it’s sort a Stephen Cobert twist on her thoughts or she somehow uneducated herself or she was really never anti-dog racing. No reasonable person could learn more about this industry and then move into the direction of supporting it.

While Cochran features a number of errors in her post, she loses all credibility with the following:

They are exercised every day either in the sprint pen or on the track.  I guarantee you, these dogs are in better shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally, than your pet greyhound.

So dogs caged for around 20 hours per day and deprived of the typical play time and freedom and companionship of our dogs are happier? This is complete nonsensical nonsense developed through nonsense.(Did I mention nonsense?)

We’ve adopted six rescued greyhounds over the last decade-and-a-half. Some came to us with emotional problems such as sleep aggression. In all of them, we witnessed the transformation, from troubled and unsure to healthy, happy dogs.And then get this:

And sadly, I’ve seen pet greyhounds that just lay on the couch, head down, and eyes closed. Sorry folks, that dog, that pet, is depressed and he’s moping.

Sorry Amy, I think that’s called – “resting” or “sleeping.”

And later, she talks about the needs, wants and desires of greyhounds and then asked the dog lovers among us to “stop anthropomorphizing them.” The red flag of propaganda goes to the top of the pole when people on that side toss out the anthropomorphizing phrase, one they really don’t understand.

Dogs and other animals do experience emotions and do suffer both physically and emotionally. To discuss our common emotional traits is not anthropomorphizing. A basic understanding of animal cognition and self-awareness could go a long way to helping Cochran understand animals and animal welfare.

There are so many misconceptions in her post. I was completely stunned by it. I realize the pro-racing side has to defend itself and there is really nothing reasonable about this industry. So I guess this sort of misinformation is all they have. I get it.

She claims the tracks are better than you because they have vets on hand. Yet, I’ve seen many dogs go to adoption groups with untreated fractures in their legs, for example. And of course, as I’ve noted so many times, the breeding practices are horrible.

If the care is so great inside racing, why do rescue groups talk about having to give flea and tick treatments to the dogs immediately and address other medical needs?

Other twists from her editorial:

– She claims the crates are great because she can fit inside them. (Not that she would want to spend any time locked in.) And she says the bottoms are lined with either “luxury” pieces of carpet or “a mountain of fluffy newspaper strips.” (Maybe it really is all tongue-in-cheek. She can’t really believe this stuff, can she?)

– She talks about euthanasia and cries that other dogs are euthanized and makes comparison with shelters. But it is indefensible to kill the number of dogs that greyhound racing has killed, merely because they could no longer make money for industry insiders. Cochran fails to mention this side of the industry.

– Then she somehow claims the effort to shut down racing, an act that will save many thousands of greyhounds from injury and death, will put the dogs “in the line of fire.” Again – completely nonsensical.


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3 thoughts on “Editorial in support of greyhound racing goes off the rails

  1. I’ve seen her post and it makes me so angry! She basically tries to blame us, the anti-racing people. She says that we’ll have the blood on our hands. She’s trying to twist the truth. THEY have the blood on their hands, not us! THEY are the ones bringing these dogs into this industry!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out Major Tom. I pop in here every once in awhile, but I missed this.

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