Headline of the Week: “Finish Line for Iowa Greyhound Racing Draws Closer”

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If only the notion would move into reality – and very soon. But the story under the headline above – as posted today on the WOWT.com website – notes an agreement is still in the works.

The bill that could bring an end to greyhound racing in Iowa has advanced to the state’s House Ways and Means Committee. Breeders and other dog-racing employees could share $70 million. As it stands now, the state’s two dog tracks gets millions in subsidies from the casinos each year, to prop up a crumbling industry.

The article notes the legislature is telling the casinos and dog-racing leaders to work out a deal or take the solution offered by the state.

I don’t mind assisting the employees in the transition to other careers, but handing over millions to an industry with a history of animal-welfare abuses is not a good thing at all. But then again, if this means more dogs will be saved from a life of racing, it can be a good thing.

If only we could see Florida finally shut down its dog tracks, we could be on the way to finally shutting this industry down for good.


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