PackCheck.What? – What we don’t know about seismic testing?

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The Pack Mentality version of those fact-checking sites will offer a different, sometimes animal-related take on the wacky things people come up with – from politics to animal welfare to the environment other subjects.

First up is an article out of North Carolina, where a meeting of local officials and citizens was held recently to discuss the issue of seismic testing for oil beneath the ocean floor, off the NC coast.

Bruce Tackett was there to represent Resource Access International and American Petroleum Institute.

The StarNews quoted Tackett as saying:

“We need some knowledge to get the answer to make a rational judgment to say this is good or not. We don’t think we are at a place where that kind of judgment is present, and for me that is the strongest argument for testing.”

Hopefully, Tackett didn’t mean to say what he was actually quoted as saying.

So we don’t have the knowledge to ensure that it is safe to engage in this practice, so that means it should be done? And Tackett not only thinks it kinda means start seismic testing should move forward, he says not having answers that allow us to make a rational judgement is the strongest argument of all for doing that which we don’t have enough knowledge about.

For that line of twisting non-logic, Pack Mentality will have give it a following rating.

¬†PackCheck Rating: “What the ….?

By that non-logic:

A kid could come into the living room anywhere in America with an unlabeled bottle fill with an unknown liquid and asked the adults in the room if it was okay to drink it. And the acceptable response would be – “Since we don’t have enough knowledge about what is in the bottle, that’s the strongest argument for drinking it. Go ahead and let’s see what happens.”

That should not happen.

Because we know how whales and other marine wildlife – such as sharks – communicate or seek out their prey, we know there is a potential harm to these animals. Someone would need to provide proof that this is not the case before seismic testing is allowed.


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