ESPN Preakness article is disgustingly typical

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While letting the dogs out to pee this morning, I checked my smart phone for the morning news. On the ESPN website, there was a headline preview for the Preakness horse race.

It seems California Chrome has an illness – turns out to be a blister in his throat. So I clicked on a link to read more. The link took me to a blog post about the so-called Hot List of favorites to win the Preakness.

The writer bemoaned California Chrome’s “dismal time” in Kentucky Derby, but called the rest of the horses a “mediocre bunch at best.” And he casually notes the horse lost 35 pounds in the Derby.

So he can talk about the horses in terms such as this, while mentioning nothing about breeding practices or reports that race horses die every week in terrible numbers across the nation.

There is this death match across the country, where horses race for their lives and where only the fastest have hopes of surviving to advance – if they are not seriously injured or are killed in the process.

Instead of promoting this industry as a sport, sports media should be engaging in journalism, where it reports on the injuries and deaths and doping charges. Even reporting on horse racing as sport is improper at best. I’ll say it again: The only way it could be a sport is if the horses rode on the backs of the jockeys.

I’ll have more later today on some real journalism, where the New York Times actually did some real work on this topic.


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