More evidence to support the FACT that animals do have emotions

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The evidence is abundantly clear and all doubts should be wiped clean. Animal do experience emotions.

The only folks who are in denial are those with profit and/or greed motives or those supporting those with a profit and/or greed motives.

Animal-loving families and individuals across the planet already understand the fact that animal experience emotion. But finally, we are seeing momentum – in a monumental bulldozer of forward progress.

The Washington Post published a piece May 19 by David Grimm, in the Health & Science section of the website. It contains some extremely important information developed in Marc Bekoff’s research. Bekoff is a cognitive ethologist and professor emeritus at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The research by Bekoff included hours of video of dogs at play. Play is such an important aspect of this sort of research. Play – in and of itself – is an extremely important element of self-awareness.

Brian Hare, described in the article as “a biological anthropologist at Duke University and one of the world’s foremost experts on canine cognition,” is referenced as suggesting dogs are emotionally complex – on top of being smart. And he is quoted as saying, “That’s why we can have such a deep relationship with them.”

I can’t tell you how great it is to read articles such as this, showing more scientists are providing more evidence of animal emotions.

I ran across the following video, which is yet another game-clinching on this topic. The video tells the story of a goat who was rescued from a hoarding situation. Mr. G went to one sanctuary, while a donkey named Jellybean went to another.

Mr. G went into a state of depression and refused to eat, until he was reunited with his old friend Jellybean.

Warning, the video is emotional. How anyone could watch it and come out NOT understanding that animals do feel emotion is beyond me. And we’re talking about a goat and donkey being great friends.

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