Bullfighting is one of the Earth’s cruelest industries

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The government of Spain and anyone who supports bullfighting should come forward with shame at what they are supporting. And those who take part in the horrible act and continue to do so should be jailed – as they are the equivalent of dog fighters or anyone else who abuses animals for the sick enjoyment they take in the cruelty.

I was sickened by what I read in a CNN report posted May 22. In a recent so-called “festival” in Madrid, two bulls fought for their lives against the evil abusers and injured three of them.

The bullfighting was subsequently suspended, to the disappointment of the 24,000 clueless individuals in attendance.

But the torture was not over for the bulls. The article included the following:

But the tradition says the bull must die, so in stepped the second bullfighter, Antonio Nazare, who finished him off.

Tradition? Some sick people consider the torture and death of animals, for entertainment – is a tradition. Talk about clueless.


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