Defenders of Wildlife: Backlash prompts Animal Planet to pull anti-wolf episode

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Defenders of Wildlife sent out the following press release concerning the cancellation of an episode from Animal Planet’s Monster Week.

Public Outcry Prompts Animal Planet to Remove “Man-Eating Super Wolves” Show

WASHINGTON –Animal Planet removed a segment titled “Man- Eating Super Wolves” from its Monster Week line up this week after over 80,000 Defenders of Wildlife members and other activists contacted the station demanding the episode be immediately removed from the air.

The shameful and distorted anti-wolf episode was aired one time on Wednesday, May 21, and while Animal Planet claims the show was always intended to air only once, various TV schedules showed that “Man- Eating Super Wolves” had subsequent scheduled air times for Sunday, May 25; Tuesday, May 27; and Wednesday, May 28. These show times have now been miraculously removed from Animal Planet’s schedule.

Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark issued the following statement:

“There are real-world consequences to airing a fictitious portrayal of wolves based on sensationalism instead of on science. Demonizing wolves does serious harm to these imperiled animals and erodes public support for their continued recovery.

“We’re glad to see that Animal Planet dropped this show from its schedule and are proud that our members spoke out so forcefully on this important topic”

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3 thoughts on “Defenders of Wildlife: Backlash prompts Animal Planet to pull anti-wolf episode

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  2. I am so glad Animal Planet cleaned up their act and took it off air. It was extremely inaccurate and displayed and distorted the only the bad qualities about wolves. Wolf attacks are rare and only occur in rabid animals and wolf dogs. A normal healthy wolf does not attack people.

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