More bad news for Earth’s oceans and ice caps

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Two recent articles point to troubling trends for our oceans. If only more than a few political leaders had the courage to stand up to their Big Oil/Big Coal donors – and then move in the right direction on climate change.

Climate Central describes the oceans as “warming and acidifying.” And recent reporting indicates 90 percent of the planets warming is on the seas.

Before you think, “oh, it’s only the oceans,” read this from the article – “That rapid ocean warming has consequences for the Earth’s climate and its shorelines.”

And then there’s the Daily Beast, from October 5. Despite what the anti-science crowd is putting out, Antarctica is melting fast. It is even reportedly impacting the Earth’s gravity.

Over a three-year span of a recent study, three Antarctic glaciers lost about 2014 billion US tons of ice each year.

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One thought on “More bad news for Earth’s oceans and ice caps

  1. And we’ve just set more records and near-records, even though El Niño has not yet started this year. Meanwhile, of course, the Heartland Institute, heavily funded by the fossil fuel industry, continues to claim that the Earth has stopped warming and quotes a handful of fringe scientists — mainly in fields unrelated to climate science — to give a false impression that what they’re saying is scientifically respectable, which anyone who actually reads the scientific press realizes is nonsense.

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