Report: Another family dog shot by law enforcement officer

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I will routinely lead in post such as this with a statement of general support for law enforcement officers. A vast majority are in their jobs because they want to fight crime and protect the innocent.

But we’ve seen a number of cases of late where the innocent has been the target of a few officers. The latest case where an animal is concerned is in Michigan, where a team of officers surrounded the wrong house, in engaging in raid to arrest a wanted suspect.

The Huffington Post reports that even after the group realizes they are at the wrong home, an officer in the back yard shoots the family dog – an elderly mixed-breed dog.

Thankfully, the 15-year-old canine survived, after struggling through three surgeries. The article states the family is not getting a response from either the Michigan Department of Corrections or the Michigan State Troopers.

Clearly, a 15-year-old dog would not be perceived to be a threat. So any officer in a case such as this who fired the shot should be – at minimum – suspended for a long period of time and forced to undergo extensive daily training on both the use of a firearm and how to handle cases where they encounters dogs.

If the facts of this case show no more important evidence in favor of the officer, he should be fired and his permit to carry a gun revoked.

We can’t have law enforcement officials encountering the public (including pets) anywhere, with little or no apparent training in the use of a dangerous weapon.

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One thought on “Report: Another family dog shot by law enforcement officer

  1. Letter carriers with the U.S. Postal Service are trained to deal with dogs and do it all the time with lots of barking but virtually no biting and certainly no shooting. A police officer who shoots a dog is inadequately trained and probably incompetent. He or she will likely shoot a human next.

    In fact, I just read an update about a case in which a police SWAT time raided the wrong house — one with children’s toys out front and car seats in the car, so it was obvious that kids were inside. But they burst in anyway, no attempt at knocking, and one threw a concussion grenade — into a baby’s crib, blasting the child’s nose off. (The baby survived and has had extensive plastic surgery but is still scarred.)

    I of course agree with you that the vast majority of police officers, certainly the ones I’ve dealt with, are decent people who want to do a good job. But the bad ones need to get fired, and the good ones need to stop covering for them out of solidarity.

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