More evidence on fracking hazards

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Big Oil and Gas want us all to believe that fracking is perfectly safe and it won’t pollute the water. We’re supposed to take their word for it, the way people were supposed to take the cigarette manufacturers word for decades, on how safe their products are.

People in North Texas are getting sick and the industry is brushing aside any possible link.  A second Center for Public Integrity article includes information about a new, peer-reviewed study, published by the journal – Environmental Health.

David O. Carpenter is the paper’s senior author and is the director of the University at Albany’s Institute for Health and the Environment. He is quoted as saying, “The implications for health effects are just enormous.”

And the dangers don’t stop in the water. One study found “benzene, formaldehyde or other toxic substances” in the air in fracking zones. The monitoring was conducted in Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

That second article linked above cites studies with findings that should be cause for concern for everyone. One showed people living less than two-thirds of a mile from natural-gas wells were experiencing more skin and upper-respiratory problems.

We should all be concerned with finding more congenital heart defects in babies and benzene found in air samples here some West Virginia wells.

We all know the chemicals are dangerous, but the fracking industry just can’t believe that something so profitable could be a concern for the public.

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