Dr. Laura makes some unfortunate comments about pit bulls

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During a recent segment of her national radio show, Dr. Laura Schlessinger suggested bluntly that all pit bulls in shelters should be “put down.”

She claimed that 95 percent of the dogs at a shelter she visited recently were pit bulls or pit bull mixes and nobody wants them.

A Huffington Post article notes Schlessinger chuckled before sayings, “people are grinding out pit bulls and dumping them… So don’t walk around with a pit bull because no one will talk to you.”

There’s so much wrong with her comments. Where do I start? First – her comments are irresponsible in terms of claiming 95 percent of the dogs in the shelter she visited were pit bulls or pit mixes. She is obviously far from being an expert on dogs. So how is she able to identify a mix-breed dog?

I’ve seen a lot dogs identified as a pit bull mixes that just look a little bit like maybe the physical characteristics slightly match a pit bull.

Purebred dogs of nearly all varieties are becoming homeless every day. The countless breed-specific rescue groups for all of these breeds, all over the nation, are evidence of this fact. Rescue groups don’t form to merely sit around with nothing at all to do.

The reason she allegedly found so many pit bulls and mixes in that shelter, was probably the fact that the purebred homeless dogs in the area are being cared for by rescue groups.

And of course, not all pit bulls are dangerous at all. You don’t see animal lovers claiming all talk-radio shows should be banned because some hosts make uneducated remarks on a regular basis. We don’t do that to her; why should she make a similarly-broad statement about dogs?

And then there is the key element of how misguided Dr. Laura is on this topic. Why not speak out strongly against the people responsible for the number of homeless dogs she saw that day?

Why blame the dogs with a death sentence and let the guilty wander around free to produce more homelessness and death?

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