Westminster Kennel Club spokesman just admitted breeds are mixed to create new breeds

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The spokesperson for the Westminster Kennel Club just admitted on the Today Show that the new breeds for this year’s dog show are nothing more than a product of mixing breeds together.

So what does that make the dogs? Say it with me …. “mixed breeds” or “mutts.”

Of course the club would never put the system in these terms, although it is factually correct. And of course all breeds have resulted from mixing different dogs together to come up the physical appearance of the current breeds. The process might have started years ago – even thousands of years ago for particular breeds, but the breeds of dog that Westminster and other kennel clubs promote are nothing more than wolf-hybrids.

All dogs are wolf-mutts.

The shows and the kennel clubs and their promotions are actually nothing more than a promotional system to drive the price of puppies. They want people to watch the shows and follow groups like the AKC to popularize the breeds and promote the purchasing of more puppies.

Don’t fall for it. The shelter dog is worth just as much. In fact, the shelter dogs are in many cases the survivors of a horrible breeding system. The breed standards are actually detrimental to dogs.

I’ll have more on this soon. And also coming right up will be my take on the new greyhound racing report from GREY 2K and the ASPCA. There’s a lot of animal welfare news flooding cyberspace and the airways out right now.

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5 thoughts on “Westminster Kennel Club spokesman just admitted breeds are mixed to create new breeds

  1. Why is it you never post the links directly to you source? Afraid someone might prove you have twisted your interpretation of what was actually said? Hmmmmmm……….

  2. You really need to EDUCATE yourself on how dogs evolved from wolves, instead of making ridiculous statements! Watch with an OPEN mind, Do not pick and choose thing to fit you agenda. Watch and LEARN something. This is an unbiased film that covers the good and bad. Why dogs differed from wolves. Why purposeful breeds were created.

  3. I’ve written often about how dogs evolved from wolves and we used “forced evolution” on them.

    I’m glad you are FINALLY admitting there is good and bad. Maybe you are finally just beginning to understand science. We’ll see. Stick around; you might learn more about animals if you keep visiting my blog.

    You used uppercase for the word “educate.” That’s the message I’m spreading – education. But you have to be able to differentiate between propaganda developed through a profit motive – and factual information.

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