Huge spike of late in greyhound racing news

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The Pack News Wire is off the charts for breaking news out greyhound racing – in the US and overseas.

Of course, in the United States we are getting legislative reports that bring hope that we might see at least the decoupling of dog racing from casinos. If casinos in states like Florida and West Virginia are allowed to drop dog races, we could see a substantial number of tracks shut down.

This would be great news for the dogs.

A WUSF article from Feb, 13 quoted David Bishop of the Florida Greyhound Association. He challenges the extremely troubling findings of the new report published by GREY2K USA and the ASPCA. He is wrong about the report, but I hope his prediction comes true very soon.

“Let’s make no mistake about it. If passed, it would end greyhound racing in the state of Florida.”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Coral Springs) of Florida is a proponent of decoupling and he was joined by Republican Representative Matt Gaetz at a news conference this week. Hopefully, they can introduce at minimum a decoupling bill right away. quoted Gaetz Thursday as saying, “I am convinced we will sometime soon see the end of greyhound racing, a barbaric practice that has no place in our society.”

Moskowitz was quoted in an article by the Florida Times-Union:

“This is about businesses being able to make a decision for themselves. Florida, for all the talk about free enterprise, for all the talk about liberty, for all the talk about not having government in the way of over-regulating, Florida actually mandates that a business runs its business like it’s 1997.”

And then there’s Jack Cory, who the Times-Union quoted as a lobbyist for greyhound breeders and dog trainers.

“It would be the end of greyhound racing and the beginning of the expansion of 13 casinos,”

I keep seeing this argument used by dog racing supporters. It amounts to one gambling operation slamming another for being a gambling operation. The quote can be translated to “If we no longer get to operate our gambling operations that kill and injure dogs, it will only lead to more gambling that doesn’t kill or injure dogs.

I don’t gamble at all and don’t even buy lottery tickets. But that’s another strong case for banning greyhound racing. Let people bet on cards dice or machines.

We continue to see more news about ending dog racing in West Virgina, where a new report shows what a loser the industry is on an economic level in the state, as it is in Florida.

The MetroNews ran a commentary Friday by Hoppy Kercheval, who quotes State Senate Finance Committee Chairman Mike Hall (R-Putnam) as saying, “Something is going to be done; it’s just a matter of time.”

In Australia, the news is nothing short of disgustingly cruel. The Sydney Morning Herald reports more than 20 greyhound owners and trainers have been suspended for using live animals as bait and lures for training.

After the raids on the sites, it is alleged that live rabbits, piglets, lambs and poultry were being used in the barbaric training. This industry has a long history of animal cruelty and in recent years, despite new reports such as this, the insiders want us to believe things have changed.

The Courier Mail out Australia reports Racing Queensland has created a task force to address the reports of live baiting and other acts of cruelty.

ABC Four Corners is set to broadcast a report this weekend titled – “Making A Killing.” The article suggests the piece will expose the “gruesome underbelly’’ of greyhound racing.

Here we are in 2015 and every time new reports of cruelty, drug use and cheating come out of dog racing, its defenders act as if it’s something new. And in this case, somehow they decide that it’s finally time for an investigation.

Another trainer in Australia is under investigation for allegedly shooting and killing two of his racing dogs.

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4 thoughts on “Huge spike of late in greyhound racing news

  1. Anyone having anything to do with training, racing, mistreating or torturing these beautiful and loving dogs should be fined and imprisoned. All race tracks should be demolished for good..

  2. There is only one way out of the cruelty and mistreatment of greyhound racing and that is to ban racing for good. Obviously selfregulation is not working it will be amonumental task to tidy up after this blood stained industry the atrocities we will see will be overwhelming. This industry has tried to put the wool over over our eyes for far too long it is high time they are exposed for the cruelty and mistreatment they inflict on the greyhounds. Its not just one or two greyhounds pr year but hundreds even thousands of them suffering some neglect abuse and mistreatment and for what making something as flimsy as money. Those who rescue pick up the rejects of this industry many of them have injuries teeth in dreadful condition and many are much too thin this must be stopped no surplus greyhounds should be shot or hit over the head or put down by a vet for being a tad too slow nor should they be bled to death in a vets office to collect plasma for other dogs in need of a blood transfusion. It is high time the greyhound took the place ment for them as a much cherished companion not a betting unit. Greyhounds are loyal,loving gentle and well mannered they are inteligent and sensitive and make wonderful family members even straight from track and kennels. The days of endless cruel confinement should be a thing of the past. There is no more need for greyhound abuse let them live the lives they are ment to live as cherished family members. as the owner of four greyhounds I can say this I have never had any problems with my four not like what I hear other dog owners speak of. Greyhounds sound perfect don´t they well they are and yes they are the love of my life. No other breed has touched my heart like the greyhounds none are older or more nobel than the greyhound and to have one is to be fortunate to have four is a dream come true. End greyhound racing not greyhounds.

  3. Here’s what gets me: Florida is the center of greyhound racing in the U.S., but it has not been economically viable for decades. To keep it alive the track owners got the state to let them open attached casinos. Here we have two official industry spokespersons, David Bishop and Jack Cory, admitting that without the law forcing the profitable casinos to maintain money-losing dog tracks, Florida dog racing could not survive.

    I can’t think of any other business with the nerve to demand anything like this. It’s as if every computer store had to maintain an attached buggy whip factory, or every cruise ship had to flog a certain number of passengers per voyage so professional floggers didn’t have to learn a new line of work.

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