Barbaric practices in Australia’s greyhound racing are exposed

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We’ve heard the lies before from greyhound racing insiders, going back many years, but the ABC Four Corners report out of Australia should finally rip the biggest scab of all from the barbaric industry.

We’re seeing the horrible reports of deaths and injuries in the United States, as finally the horrific numbers are seeing more sunshine. What’s going on in Australia is especially barbaric and measures up directly with dog fighting.

The video report by Four Corners opens with an on-camera interview with Debra Arnold – president of the United Queensland Greyhounds Association. She denies any knowledge of live baiting

But the report immediately shows her at a live-baiting session. This practice is used to train the dogs to go after the mechanical rabbit more aggressively during races.

Thankfully, Animal Liberation Queensland and Animal Australia have been working to expose live baiting across Australia.

A number of big-time names in dog racing there are exposed in the report, some of them outright denying any knowledge of live bating. And then we see videos of these very same people directly involved in the practice.

These people are in the same scale with those who operate dog-fighting operations. On an evolutionary scale they rank at the bottom, just above terrorists and those who abuse children and on par with dog fighters.

The videos in the report show operators laughing and joking about the suffering of the animals. It is disgusting on a scale I can’t put into words. In one clip, the evil operator laughs as he notes the brutalized animal with a broken spine is still alive. Yes, he laughs. These are people with no moral compass whatsoever.

Some of the top names in the sport are exposed – so this isn’t some lower level operation. Some of the videos show people celebrating at big greyhound racing events, from awards banquets to major races.

Because of these horrors that have been exposed and with the lies of denial so easily spewing from the people involved, the only option is to ban greyhound racing in Australia forever.

And of course, we’ve seen denialsĀ  in the United States. Racing insiders deny dogs are being killed and claim 95 percent of all racing dogs here make it out of the industry alive, as either pets or being cared for within the walls of the industry.

Are we supposed to actually believe that? No reasonable person would. And no reasonable person could believe much of anything out of anyone directly involved in greyhound racing in Australia – now or in the future.

Now that the horrors are on full display, the companies that are sponsoring greyhound racing across the world need to understand that any further sponsorships means they are putting their stamps of approval on these horrors.

As for ABC Four Corners, this is what journalism should be about. We need more of this sort of reporting on any number of topics, where people or industries are abusing people or animals.

I’ll be posting more about this news this week, including how it ties into ag-gag laws and what other sites are reporting.

One thought on “Barbaric practices in Australia’s greyhound racing are exposed

  1. This is an excellent post, and I agree with every word you wrote. I am wondering, though, if you or another writer could address the fact that the greyhound racing industry holds a special attraction for psychopaths–i.e. people with antisocial personality disorder. The excitement, energy, and promise of financial rewards are all huge draws for them. If the powers that be in the industry acknowledged this, they could become more stringent in their selection processes and “weed out” the psychopaths. The trainer John Thompson, who was featured in the Four Corners broadcast, is a textbook psychopath. There is a clinical reason that these people have “no moral compass whatsoever”, as you write: they are incapable of empathy due to a cognitive disorder. If the psychopathy of men like John Thompson were recognised, he would be banned from ever working professionally with animals again. He is a danger to animals, as are other trainers like him. These are not just crude, ignorant and greed-driven men: there’s something else deeply wrong with them. I really believe that, with slightly higher IQs and a better education, they would have ended up in the banking/financial services industry. I really hope you could address the undiagnosed and unacknowledged psychopathy in this industry in a future post.

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