Predictable Mentality: Greyhound racing industry insiders claim abuse is isolated

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We could see this one coming. In light of the ABC Four Corner’s report on live-baiting running rampant throughout Australia’s greyhound racing industry, officials are claiming these are only isolated cases.

What you’ll see now is the industry claim it will fix this and toss out the offenders.

In an article posted today on the site, the industry is calling for more powers to be granted to it. The story puts the number at 70, for trainers implicated in the live baiting scandal.

We’re told Greyhound Racing Victoria is going to use “enhanced surveillance technology” and put in place more welfare officers. So the same folks who completely failed at protecting the dogs – on a monumental scale – are jumping out to say they are going to look out for the welfare of dogs.

The same people who lead an industry where dogs are killed and are injured every day want to lead the effort to fight for the welfare of the dogs. Animals Australia reports approximately 8,000 “young and healthy greyhounds are discarded and killed each year without ever making it to the racetrack.”

It is unrealistic on a galactic scale to believe these people are in any way ready to look out for the welfare of animals. This would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house – with cameras.

There is only one way to fix this boiling, stinking vat of gambling mixed with animal cruelty. Ban the practice – everywhere.

Over and over again in the ABC Four Corners report, trainers who carry around awards from the industry were seen on hidden-camera video at live-baiting facilities. Some are shown completely denying either they or anyone is engaged is live baiting.

The report features a number of dog racing’s top players. But the spin will suggest they do not represent the industry. I guess they’ll want us to forget the wave of honors we see heaped in these same people in the years and months prior to the report.

So with a history of decades of abuse in greyhound racing across the globe, we keep hearing industry insiders claim everything is great now and they’ve cleaned up their act. But now we have this widespread torture of animals in Australia exposed and the reports of injuries and deaths in huge numbers on tracks in the United States – and the abuse goes beyond these two regions.

How long will the industry in Australia and the US and beyond be allowed to keep claiming every horrific disclosure is just a rare occurrence? How long will the insiders be allowed to say, “Oh wait – NOW we’ll do something about it.

It’s 2015 and after decades of abuse in dog racing – the governments of nations that are suppose to lead advanced societies need to finally end this abuse. No more excuses. No more chance. No more self-policing from the industry.

The greyhound racing industry is unable to police itself – in the US, in Australia or anywhere. Self-policing has only allowed brutality in Australia and other countries and decades of deaths and severe injuries and suffering in the United Stats.

With the GREY2K and ASPCA report out of the US and the ABC report out of Australia, the case is closed. As for the industry leaders, ignorance of the abuse, suffering and death is no excuse and looking the other way is no excuse and certainly being a party to this would be inexcusable.

It cannot be allowed to continue. Anyone who sees this ABC report who has at least an ounce of compassion in their soul will be sickened by it.

This is the last straw. We’ve heard too many excuses. We’ve heard too many times over many years that the dog racing industry will clean itself up. It should be banned and criminalized today. End the suffering today!

I will have much more on this story and the GREY2K/ASPCA report very soon. The news is coming out at light speed and I am still reviewing that very important report.

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