Florida Senate moves closer to approving greyhound injury bill

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A bit of good news is coming out of Florida, where a bill in the state Senate that would require regular reporting on greyhound injuries on race tracks is getting closer to passage.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation would take on the duties of tracking the reports. One piece of evidence that shows the bill is good one is the opposition from the racing industry, including Jack Cory, who represents the Florida Greyhound Association.

Cory is quoted by WSFU as saying, “We know what’s causing these deaths and we know what’s causing the injuries.” He is referring to a three-point safety plan in another bill.

If he and other insiders know what has been causing the injuries and deaths, which go back decades and into current races, why would it take a bill to correct in 2015? Why did the industry take so long to address this issue?

This is just another piece of propaganda to cover up the horrors of dog racing. What they never wanted to happen is for the public to know the extent of the injuries and deaths. This latest trend in requiring the reporting of these cases is one of the industry’s worst nightmares.

The industry has taken great pains in the last decade or so to cover up the horrors and produce propaganda that paints a rosy picture of quality care and very few casualties. Now we are seeing even more evidence that the dogs are suffering.

Hopefully this bill and the evidence it uncovers will lead to a decoupling bill, which will remove the state’s misguided law that requires dog racing to take place. The casinos will then be allowed to drop dog racing.

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