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I’ve been away from the Pack Mentality keyboard for a time, as I was diagnosed with – and immediately underwent surgery for – a brain rumor back in early March.

So while I’ve written for many, many years about canine cancer and health conditions in all animals, now I’m facing the crisis. I don’t know the outcome at this point, other than to state that I will beat this crisis with total determination – period.

My family has been great and fully supportive – from my wife to my brothers and kids. My friends, coworkers and neighbors have been great as well. This was out of the blue and as is the case for everyone in this situation, completely unexpected.

But through my family and friends and my work, I have much to live for – a ton to live for. Our band of rescue dogs have been a source of support and love.

If you spot a few more misspelled words here in this space, it is most likely due to visual problems brought on by the tumor. These issues do seem to be improving.

My plan is to jump back into blogging now and to be an an even more determined advocate for animals. So please come back often and join the battle to protect animals from abuse and neglect and to address issues that involve animals and human health.

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5 thoughts on “Back to Blogging – But Fighting Cancer

  1. Oh, I hope you get better soon! I rely on your blog to keep alerted to animal welfare issues. As a devoted reader, I’m sending positive thoughts your way. Blogs like yours are so important!

  2. I was wondering why I was not seeing your blogs anymore… Another reminder that we never know what others are fighting, in their own lives.
    Sending you white light, healing thoughts and many wishes for a complete recovery. <3

  3. I was so saddened and sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I will send you thought of healing and prayers for your recovery.

    Because of your website/blog and the links you have on the right hand side of your column, I became aware of what happens to animals that end up on our plates. I viewed many undercover investigations, read many books, became aware of and joined/supported many animal welfare/rights organizations. It affected me deeply!
    I had been a vegetarian (mostly) since 1977, but because of you and the links you provided, I became a dedicated vegan and live a vegan life style.

    I am also the guardian of 3 greyhound rescues ( total of 8 since 2000) , one mixed breed and 3 cats.

    Thank you for all of your work and efforts involving our fellow earthlings.
    God speed in your journey to recovery.


  4. Tom, you’re in my thoughts. On strength, you will win this battle. Be well. Nan

  5. Hello Tom! I will include you in my thoughts and prayers. May you always have enough strength, courage and wisdom to overcome all of this. Always have faith on the MAN upstairs and you shall rewarded. Good luck! Cheers!

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