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At times we read a statements that defy logic to a level off the charts. Politicians engage in the practice all the time, on a daily basis. And of course, we see it consistently from people in the puppy mill and greyhound racing industries.

Too many times, politicians team up with entities like dog racing and puppy mills to extend the suffering.

We go across the big pond this week, in a column on the Irish Examiner website. At one point, the writer states, “Last week, at Punchestown, I spoke with a group of well-informed greyhound racing personalities who believed the Derby could be brought forward a few weeks...”

Science tells us there is no such thing as a “well-informed” individuals involved in dog racing. ANY well-informed person would have long ago understood the deaths and suffering in the industry are clear evidence that it should be banned forever.

The column included information about a change in the time of year for a greyhound race event. Those opposed to the change penned a letter that included these words – “… would like to highlight the complete dissatisfaction and anger …:”

Well … now they know how animal lovers feel about the industry. We are completely dissatisfied and angry that the suffering has been allowed to continue for decades and on to this day.

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