Romney and Obama? – We need an animal-welfare candidate

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On one side, Mitt and Ann Romney continue to defend the act of riding their dog on top of their car – and with their statements of late are only making the news worse. And on the other side, we have President Obama opening up the Atlantic seaboard to oil and gas exploration.

While I feel the country is slowly but surely becoming more compassionate to animals and I hope – more environmentally aware, there is still a long way to go. And much of the lag seems to be with elected officials at the federal and state levels.

Let’s start with President Obama, who has proposed opening up a huge zone along the east coast to oil and gas exploration.

He is quoted in an NPR article as saying –

There will be those who strongly disagree with this decision. But what I want to emphasize is that this announcement is part of a broader strategy that will move us from an economy that runs on fossil fuels and foreign oil to one that relies more on homegrown fuels and clean energy.”

Huuh? What? So move us away from fossil fuels by opening up more of the ocean floor to get more fossil fuels. Sorry Mr. President; you have always seemed to be on the logical side, but you jumped off the oil rig on this one. Maybe some people will come forward to spin this around in some way. But really, it doesn’t make sense.

And what really doesn’t make sense is opening up more areas to deep-water drilling, fresh off the worst man-made environmental disaster in US history – the BP Gulf Oil Gusher. Have Obama and the Republicans forgotten how bad the equipment proved to be and how bad the oversight was and how long it took to cap the gushing well?

This is important stuff. People died on that oil rig. Untold number of animals suffered to an extreme degree and untold numbers died. The Gulf of Mexico is still being negatively impacted, from the wetlands to the Gulf floor. So in response, we’re going to drill more in deep water?

Clearly, the technology and the level of oversight is far from being where it should be. I am a native of the North Carolina coast and until the age of 5 lived across the street from the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t want to see this area spoiled by a spill.

It’s like a county determining that an intersection is the most dangerous, most heavily traveled in the area. So in response, officials decide to divert more traffic to the intersection, without even determining a better road design.

NPR also reports the conservation group Oceana is calling the President’s decision a “wholesale assault” on the oceans.

And then we have the Romneys, who keep trying to defend riding Shamus on the roof of their car on a 12-hour drive to Canada. A Petside post notes Ann Romney is now comparing Shamus’ ride on the roof to riding a roller coaster.

Really? Maybe more like throwing up and being in severe distress from riding on a roller coaster. Oh, that’s what she means. Or no?

The couple still doesn’t seem to understand the severity of this act. They don’t understand why it is illegal to do this. And instead of stepping to the microphone to admit what they did was wrong, they to continue to make light of the story.

We need more candidates and elected officials who are supporters of animal welfare – at every level.

The damage from the BP Gulf Oil Gusher goes on and on and on and ….

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Despite the BP TV ads that paint a rosy picture, the Gulf Oil Gusher continues to wreak havoc under the surface of the water and in the adjacent wetlands.

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The National Wildlife Federation issued a new report earlier this month, noting it may take years to decades to overcome the damage done by the huge spill. The suffering and deaths of dolphins and sea turtles are highlighted in the report.

National Wildlife Federation Senior Scientist Dr. Doug Inkley was quoted on the NWF website as saying – “Little action has been taken to address the long-term species threats and wetlands habitat degradation exacerbated by the oil disaster. Much more needs to be done to ensure a complete recovery.”

Tropical Storm Lee confirms BP’s Oil Gusher is far from gone

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Tropical Storm Lee washed ashore tar balls and oil – most likely from the BP Oil Gusher. The mess is showing up on beaches from Florida to Louisiana.

Rocky Kistner of the NRDC reports a resident of Bay St Louis, Miss. tried to present oil samples from the beach to the US Coast Guard at a meeting in Biloxi, Miss. – but officials refused to take them.

Kistner also quotes a fisherman who indicated crabs have tar on their legs. Shrimp catches are called “dismal” and fisherman are finding dead dolphins.

And then we have this video, posted August 25, 2011 –

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AM News Pack: Topics – Cruelty to turtles, more oil in the Gulf, wildlife poaching and spay/neuter

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ONE – An event known as “Snapperfest” is planned for Saturday in Ohio County, Ind. Participants will grab the snapping turtles by the tail and repeatedly slammed them the ground, eventually pulling their heads from their shells.

Again, I have a far better understanding of animal behavior – as opposed to this sort of incredibly cruel human behavior.

TWO – New areas of oil being reported on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. But BP is saying – oh no, it’s not ours.

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Report: Oil leaking into North Sea from Shell oil rig

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Shell oil company has confirmed oil has been leaking from one of its oil rigs in the North Sea, but officials won’t say how much has been leaking. I wonder why?

The Guardian out of the UK quotes a Shell spokesman as saying “we are managing an oil leak.” Where have we heard all this before? Where did the amount of a leak come into question and when did we recently recently read quotes from another oil company about how well they were managing leak?

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Video: BP’s oil-gusher response, played out by cats

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The words spoken here could have been taken directly from a BP boardroom.

Warning: Some language not suitable for younger viewers.

We can’t forget what happened and we can’t forget that Big Oil can’t be trusted. Yellowstone has seen a similar situation and a similarly lame response from Big Oil.

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Documentary on Gulf Oil Gusher screened at Cannes Film Festival

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The documentary “The Big Fix” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The film’s producers seek to get the word out on the coverup going on to grossly under-report the impacts of the BP Gulf Oil Gusher.

I don’t think we are getting true picture of how much this disaster is impacting the region’s wildlife and people.

An article on out of Canada suggests –  “” The title cuts two ways: the movie argues the U.S. political and economic system is rigged, and huge changes are required to correct it. “”

I look forward to seeing this film as soon as it comes to my city or at least when it is released to DVD.

BP’s Gulf Oil Gusher continues it wide range of damage

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The domino effect of last year’s BP Gulf Oil Gusher continues. Turtles are dying. Dolphins are dying. And the coverup goes on.

But another aspect to the disaster was highlighted last week by The number of pets turned in to shelters skyrocketed last year. At the Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society, the number went from 463 in 2009 to 898 pets taken in in 2010.

When people lost jobs due to the spill, many could not afford to keep their pets. Shelters in the region are trying to learn lessons from the disaster, to better-handle similar situations in the future. This is all the more important, knowing that the government agencies that were supposed to look into the BP Gulf Oil Gusher and develop better safeguards are doing little to nothing. And of course, the oil companies don’t care at all.

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Transocean hands out huge bonus – branzenly points to safety record (?)

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Today’s Pack of Putrid Punditry goes to Transocean. This one might end up in the Putrid Punditry Hall of Fame.

Despite the deaths of 11 workers on one of its Gulf oil rigs and despite having a hand in the worst environmental disaster in US history, Transocean Ltd. has decided to hand out huge bonuses to its executives.

Some of these corporations just can’t help it. Facts don’t matte to them and reality doesn’t matter to them. They have to hoard more money, as much money as possible and as fast as possible for the top execs.

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Death toll from BP Oil Gusher could be far greater than currently reported

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More information – thankfully – is being produced about the impacts to wildlife from the BP Oil Gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

An article posted Wednesday on Yahoo News includes important information about the number of dead marine mammals washed ashore or recovered along Gulf Coast and how that number most likely represents a fraction of the actual numbers killed as a result of the oil spill.

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