Pilots N Paws helping homeless pets go long distance for new homes

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Thanks to my brother Mark, a long-time pilot, for sending me this story about a great organization – Pilots N Paws.

The group of volunteers fly homeless pets from areas where the shelters are overflowing to areas of the country where shelters have open space or people are at the ready to adopt them.

Back on January 8 for example, a plane took more than a dozen of dogs from around south Alabama to Tampa, Fla.

Article reports on homeless pet transporting from south to north

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I live in the South and here the overpopulation of homeless pets is severe and troubling. I’ve read of late that in other regions of the country, mainly around the Northeast, the level of homelessness is not nearly as severe.

So now we’re seeing this growing trend of transporting from Southern shelters to other regions where openings exist in shelters or with other rescue groups. It is a great thing that is happening, but there have been pitfalls.

WRAL.com out of Raleigh, NC ran an article this morning reporting on the good side and the dangers. The dangers – people with bad intentions for the animals are posing as legitimate rescuers.

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