HSUS Video: Tennessee walking horse rescue

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This video is from last April, but it is certainly worth sharing now. The HSUS took park in the rescue of about 19 Tennessee walking horses who had been abused by the horrible practice of “soring.”

For those not familiar with this phrase, it involves putting a burning chemical on the horse’s lower legs, so that it exaggerates the high-stepping motion with the front legs. It is the typical actions we see in industries where animals are used for profit or for winner contests. In this case, it happens to be horse shows.

<iframe width=”600″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/eY5WesmqnoE?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Judge extends restraining order on opening of NM horse slaughter plant

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We can only hope a judge’s extension of a restraining order, against the opening of a horse slaughter plant in New Mexico, will lead to a permanent ban on operations such as this.

On Friday, State District Judge Matthew Wilson put the opening on hold for 10 more days, so that testimony can be heard. TribTown.com reports New Mexico Attorney General Gary King is thankfully in a lead role in the effort to stop the plant from opening at all.

The effort to block the plant is largely based on food safety. It is true that little will be known about what might have been injected into the horses, prior to being sold to slaughter. This might be the case for race horses.

But the primary issue is and should be the horrible means used to kill the horses, such as captive bolts. Shutting down horse slaughter in the US several years back was the right and humane thing to do and it’s still the right and humane thing to do.

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Pack of Compassion Award: NH 11-year-old opposing horse slaughter

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Sometimes, kids can show more intelligence, logic and compassion than some adults. This is the case for an New Hampshire 11-year-old, who is fighting the good fight against horse slaughter.

New Hampshire.com reports Declan Gregg runs a blog, Children 4 Horses. He’s been to Washington, DC three times to voice his concerns and keeps track of related bills. He was named the Humane Kid of the Year in 2012, by the ASPCA.

Hopefully, his efforts and the work of others can lead to a full ban of horse slaughter and therefore block the opening of the proposed plant in New Mexico. He is also promoting the SAFE Act, to also protect food safety.

For his great mission in helping horses, Declan has earned the latest Pack of Compassion Award.


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Wacky Royal Mentality: Princess Anne on eating horses

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Princess Anne spoke this week at the World Horse Welfare conference and suggested fewer horses would suffer if more were killed for human consumption. She claims people would treat horses better if they thought the horses would end up as food.

No way around it, that is Wacky Mentality. And anyone who would treat horses badly, but somehow decide to treat them better if they knew the horses would be slaughtered later, is practicing Wacky Mentality too.

The Telegraph reports this:

She spoke of how in Poland horse owners cared properly for their animals. The Princess Royal said it was only when they were sold for meat and transported live in lorries that they were subjected to poor conditions.

So it’s okay that they are subjected to poor conditions on the way to – and at – the slaughterhouses? Has she thought this through?

People who really care about horses treat them with compassion because it’s the right thing to do. If some people won’t care properly for horses unless they know they can sell them into the meat trade later, then those people should not be guardians for horses in the first place.


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Wacky Mentality: Group decides “aerial culling” is humane

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This story comes out of Australia, where the Central Land Council supports the killing of wild horses from helicopters, in the Northern Territory. ABC News reports 3,500 horses were shot and killed through this brutal method over five days back in May.

The council claims a study was performed, with a finding that the average time to death was eight seconds and they claimed 58 percent of around 2000 horses died instantaneously. And they measured the pursuit time, or the period of time from the point the horses heard the death choppers coming, until they were shot. The claim there was 73 seconds.

With these so-called results, the claim is being made that the process is humane – especially when compared with hunting the horses down and killing them from ground.

No comparison was made apparently to NOT killing them or figuring out a way to control the populations through truly humane methods. But as we see too often around the globe, killing animals is the only thing some people can consider to solve a problem.

But getting back to the point, it is definitely a Wacky Mentality to suggest chasing down a horse from the air to shoot it is humane. Who thinks like that?


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