Salazar to step down as Secretary of Interior

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I just received a press release from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, concerning the resignation of Ken Salazar, as the Secretary of the US Interior Department.

I was not a supporter of Salazar for this position and over his term, I felt he leaned far too much on the side of industry and development. He was not supportive enough on protections for wildlife and habitat.

We have seen the continued complete destruction of beautiful mountain ranges in the Appalachians by the coal industry and ongoing fracking, without complete studies on its impacts. People still try to defend fracking. But no one can on any level defend blowing up mountains, while filling in beautiful mountain streams. It’s all in the name of lining the pockets of a few CEOs. Where has Salazar been on this?

This video shows how Salazar completely rejected a question about moving away from the destructive way coal is mined in Kentucky.

The Guardian reported in 2011 on Salazar’s announcement on the expansion of coal mining. This has happened while some politicians claim the administration is blocking coal and natural gas development. The facts tell a much different story.

So now, let’s hope the President appoints someone who swings the needle back to wildlife and our forests, mountains and wetlands. The lack of real protections for the environment and wildlife has gone on far too long.

Be that as it is, I have posted below the full release from FWS. It does list a number of accomplishments for the department under Salazar.

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