Miss South Carolina and Miss SC Teen receive fur coats as gifts

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One of the steps forward we’ve made as a society of late is the consensus we’ve come to that wearing fur is unacceptable. With all of the wearable products on the market that are equal to and even better than fur, we all know that it is only cruel to wear fur.

Apparently, the folks who set up a news conference for the newly crowned Miss South Carolina and Miss South Carolina Teen have not researched where fur comes from. The two women received fur coats at the news conference held Sunday.

GoUpState.com reported the fur coats were presented from the South Carolina Trappers Association.

Fur coats from a trappers association, in 2013? Really? Someone decided this was a good idea? How is that possible?

We need to move forward in a way that bans products made of fur and we need to see bans on leg-hold traps. We should not be moving backward.


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Six new animal-welfare bills signed into law in Hawaii

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On Wednesday, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed six bills into law, all designed to protect animals. Hopefully, more states will follow Hawaii’s lead and the growing trend to protect animals in other states. While the progress is slow, we are seeing movement in the right direction – a movement to the side of compassion.

A KHON 2 article reviewed each of the six laws, noting one bans steel-jawed traps. Another law will help punish those who run puppy mills. For anyone found guilty of misdemeanor animal cruelty involving at least 10 animals, the penalty will bump up to the felony level. And the guilty party could get up to five years in prison. They will also be banned from possessing animals for up to five years.

The ban should be for a lifetime – or at least far more than five years. So I do have a problem with this provision.

Law enforcement animals will gain better protections; pet deposits will allowed for tenants with pets and a system will be in place to allow for the collection of restitution funds to help local animal welfare groups care for abuse victims.

We do need to see more severe criminal penalties imposed across the board, at the state and federal levels. Those who abuse animals should not walk free and those found guilty in more extreme cases should spend a lot of time behind bars.


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Members of Federal Wildlife Services routinely engaged in acts of animal cruelty

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A Fox News story published Tuesday reports on routine acts of animal cruelty, by individuals working in the USDA’s Wildlife Services department. One person quoted in the article explains it is part of the job to have dogs attack wolves held in leg-hold traps.

Thankfully, two US Congressman – Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) and Rep. Peter Defazio (D-Ore.) are speaking out against these acts of torture to animals.

Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack was quoted in response to the reports:

USDA does not condone any form of animal cruelty and holds all employees responsible for adhering to Departmental and Agency standards and directives.

If Vilsack is true to his words, he will immediately ban the use of leg-hold traps and of course ban the use of dogs to attack wolves. And he should realize that there is a balance of nature to be addressed and killing off segments of the chain of life is no way to oversee ecosystems.

Editorial slams the practice of animal trapping

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The practice of trapping animals with devices that clamp down on their legs or other body parts is extremely cruel. The trapped animals suffer greatly for a long time. It’s something civilized societies – and all societies – should have banned many, many decades, if not centuries, ago.

It is disturbing to think that some people still fight against banning traps. An editorial posted Wednesday on the Stamford Advocate website out of Connecticut rightfully calls it “state-sanctioned animal cruelty.”

The piece notes bans are opposed by “the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and so-called sportsmen’s groups.” It is also noted that some claim the traps have padded clamps. These people are completely uneducated in understanding the level of self-awareness in animals and in the fact that animals can suffer both emotionally and physically.

We need a national ban on trapping, with serious criminal punishments for engaging in this level of cruelty.


Greyhound found locked in coyote trap, with amputated ear

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A greyhound was recently found near Austin, Texas – locked in a coyote trap. He was severely emaciated and one of his ears had been cut off.

As reported by KXAN.com – “” When a greyhound is no longer profitable in racing, some owners will cut the ear off so they can’t be traced back. “” This is done so that no one will be able to see the ear tattoo.

Greyhound Protection League is thankfully involved in the case, as it is a rescue organization that speaks out strongly against greyhound racing. A special Pack Mentality Blog thank you goes out to the Greyhound Protection League and to KXAN for including the bit of factual reporting about what happens to too many ex-racing greyhounds.

Getting news out in this way is good journalism.

On a very important side note, I should point out that this case serves as another piece of evidence as to why wildlife traps should be banned. The animals can be caught, as this dog was, and can then suffer for days. It is a slow, agonizing death.

Bill could make life better for Massachusetts farm animals

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The Boston Herald reports a bill in the Massachusetts state legislature “would ban the extreme confinement of veal calves, breeding pigs and egg-laying hens in a manner that does not allow them to lie down, stand up, turn around freely and fully extend their limbs.”

And another bill could mean better protections from domestic violence for people and animals.

But the bad news is a third animal-related bill in the current session would allow for the recreational use of leg hold or body-crushing traps and snares. No good.

Bills introduced in NC to allow leghold trapping of foxes and coyotes

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The Pack of Putrid Punditry Award for today goes to the sponsors of bills in the North Carolina General Assembly that would allow the use of leghold traps to catch foxes and coyotes.

An alert posted on the North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare website notes 89 of the state’s 100 counties have banned the use of leghold traps.

I see where one bill applies to Surry County and the other to Bladen County.

Some folks just keep wanting to put society in reverse.