Game On – Beer drinkers vs. the Fracking Industry

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I don’t drink any sort of alcoholic beverages at all, but a lot of people do – a lot of people. And certainly there are tons of beer drinkers in the United States.

An article on hit the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the concern that beer makers in New York State have over the pollution of groundwater by the practice of natural gas fracking. I’m hoping that when beer drinkers are pitted against BIG GAS, we’ll finally see some action. And the one thing that might negatively impact a massive group of politicians is taking away their drunk sessions at fancy parties.

As it stands now, very little is standing in the way of BIG GAS or BIG COAL, in their mission of destroy mountains and suck the life out of the environment. BIG GAS does not even want to wait for the development of any, possibly-safer drilling methods or for studies to be completed on the full and long-term impacts of fracking.

There are people in this country who don’t care how much big industry pollutes the land, air and water. These people believe corporate profits should always be held in higher standing than the health and welfare of our children and their future. And these same people certainly don’t give a hoot about the impacts on wildlife and their habitat.

But now – maybe – it’s game on … Fracking vs. Beer.


IMPORTANT VIDEO: End Mountaintop Removal Now

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This is one of THE most under-reported tragedies in the United States. The practice of mountaintop removal for coal is a crime against all of us.

As the video notes, about 500 mountains have been destroyed by mining operations, as they blow up beautiful, majestic monuments of nature and the streams below them. If you are a person who strongly believes in God, you should be irate, as these greedy people blow up what God created, for no other reason than to line the pockets of a few CEOs.

If you are a person who might not be so much on the religious side, you too should be irate – knowing that nature is being destroyed in this way. And officials with state governments and the federal government are ignoring this massive tragedy.

The kids who appear in this video have a far higher level of intelligence and awareness than so many politicians in this country. Yet, we have just enough uneducated people around who regularly vote for the politicians who support crimes like this. This is a tragedy in and of itself.

So as the video suggests, there is no excuse for this level of stupidity and apathy.

West Virginia Mountain Party candidate speaking out against Big Coal

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The terrible tragedy being inflicted on wildlife and people that is mountaintop removal mining in the Appalachian Mountains has one key opponent running for governor in West Virginia. Dr. Bob Henry Baber is fighting an uphill battle against big money, Big Coal and both the Democrat and Republican parties.

An interview Jeff Bigger conducted with Baber was published recently on the Huffington Post website. The following is an important quote from that piece:

“” If we had a real Environmental Protection Agency, mountaintop removal would never have come into existence. It is the insane monster of collective corporate greed and our culture’s voracious appetite for electricity. The environmentalists are absolutely right. We should cease and desist immediately, period! “”

I could not agree more.

Blowing up mountains for short-term profit

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I missed the airing Sunday night of Battle for Blair Mountain, which offered a debate on the practice of blowing up mountain ranges to get the coal.

I don’t see where there can be a real debate. Those who support this horrible method of mining talk about the jobs, with little regard for the consequences to the health of the people in these areas or to the wildlife or to the natural beauty of the mountains.
One side seems to want to overlook the fact that nearby streams are heavily polluted by this method of mining.

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More on the pollution connection from natural-gas fracking

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Wells in Bradford County, Pa. have been found to contain pollution from a blowout at a natural gas drilling operation nearby.

The EPA did some testing and discovered polluted wells but it will predictably act slowly in response to the findings. After all, profit has to be the first priority – right? I mean. all those donations to politicians have to be taken into account, first and foremost.

Check out the smirk on this ExxonMobil geologist’s face as he talks about how safe and great natural gas fracking is. I can’t turn the TV on without seeing this ad.

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Video Trailer: “The Last Mountain”

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The Appalachian Mountains are being literally blown up to get to the coal under the surface. An important documentary film brings to light the horrible practice of mountaintop mining – “The Last Mountain.”

Robert Kennedy, Jr. has joined in the effort to try to stop the coal companies from destroying the environment, along with the communities around these mountains. The public health, the region’s wildlife, the water and the future are all a stake.

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